A Typical Day

You know that I probably would have created my own schedule, but this was provided by the school…a little like camp: 


7:55 Breakfast at Dorm
7:55 Leaving Dorm
8:10 11:45 Lessons
11:45 1:00 Lunch / walk to University’s Cafeteria and back
1:30 4:05 Project / Group Work
4:05 6:50 Break / Free Time / Study Time
7:00 7:45 Dinner at University’s Cafeteria
7:45 Transportation back to Dorm



  1. So excited for you and jealous!!! Will keep contact going; please enjoy and take advantage of every minute that you are there. We are planning to visit, but for a shorter time than Mom and Ernie. You are a great, adventurous spirit with so much potential. Love, lee and Bob

  2. By now you’re safely embedded in ICE…..
    After all that Happened on Fri the rest will be smooth sailing…Looking forward to keeping up with your blog..I’m using the panera wifi network
    so your mom and I will probably on line only a couple of times a week,,,In the 80s here…might be glad that I wasn’;t in New enGLAND FOR THE SUPERbowl..yikes… Stay safe see you sooooon
    love ernie

  3. Wish i was there with you and the 80 degree weather! It’s cold here.

    I found out about the Pats this afternoon…what a disappointment 😦

    I hope you get the wifi fixed in your condo. It probably not fun to have to leave to get email. love, erin

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