Posted by: Erin | February 12, 2008

Improvements Every Day

The second day of school has come and gone we haven’t left a solider behind.  So far everyone is keeping up with the class and it’s a good overview of energy policy on a global basis.  I’ve also got my first assignment, a paper and presentation (OH my Achilles heel) on Brazil and it current and future energy use, policies, governmental control, sustainable developments, etc.  I’ll not bore you with any more details.  Bottom line is I will be fully versed in the nation of Brazil from top to bottom.   The Prof

Here are a couple more pictures of the classroom.  Each day they add more stuff for use…late last night they brought in several couches and chairs…today at lunch we got pillows, rugs, hot chocolate maker and hot water for tea and whatnot.  Classroom Couches  Classroom

So here is the only funny thing I can add to today blog and while it’s not a knee slapping story, it’s the best I got.  I showed you pictures of the gym yesterday…empty right.  After my personal gym experience, I had gone to dinner in my gym cloths and kept getting inquires from the other students into why I were in different cloths and where I had been during our break.  Well, apparently I inspired a bunch from the group to check it out.  I should have gotten pictures because it was priceless, but there were about 15 people in there and I had to show a couple of them how to use some of the machines.  While my description isn’t doing it justice, just picture it as a Saturday night live skit. 

Ohhh, well I have a big update!!  I just saw the northern lights!!  I have a list of things that I want to do in my life and this Icelandic adventure presented the opportunity for 3 things on that list:

  1. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  2. Live in Europe for one Year
  3. Rent a fast car and drive on the Autobahn.   

So that makes 1 of 3.  While it wasn’t the best Northern Lights display, it was the northern lights none the less.  Yes see those two whitish lines in the middle of the picture, like big arcs?  Well those are the Northern Lights! Norhtern Lights  I’ve tried to hightlight were the two lights acutally are in this picture:  Labeled Picture  .  The I’ll try to get better pictures next time.  That makes one of three today!     



  1. Hey, technically, you have hit 2 of the 3 on your list. Isn’t Iceland considered to be part of Europe?? Did you ever think that you would learn, study AND be a personal trainer whilst in a foreign country??? I’m hHappy that you saw the Northern Lights. That’s really cool!

  2. Well, I’ll say i’ve completed #2 on my list when i return to the US 🙂

    And i hope to go Northern Lights hunting tonight and have much better pictures for you, but let’s be honest…you can google it and see much better pictures.

    Miss you!

  3. Oh, I don’t know about the pictures on google – that dark blob with the shadowing gave me a clear idea of how brilliant the northern lights are – HA
    Miss you!

  4. two out of three.. I know there is a much longer list…
    good for bad it was Brazil and not Argentina, you could have told them about the pigeons…wind energy..

    Stay well

  5. loved the black blob pics! hahaha. Your blog is in my “Favorites” list – I look every day for something fun, but I know you must be off to a very busy start! cant believe youre almost on 2 weeks now…time is flying, this year will go so fast, enjoy every minute of it!!
    MISS YOU LOTS, wish that we could eat chocolates at your moms and watch a sappy romantic comedy on VDAY 🙂 sunday bum day this week is dedicated to you. xoxo

  6. Well, you might be behind in your blog updates but this is the first time that I have had a moment to check out what is going on with you. Sounds like you are in for an amazing year and incredible memories to last a lifetime.

    Oh, by the way… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Missing you.

  7. Wait, am I missing something? Did you rent a fast care and drive on the Autobahn? Happy Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day Erin 🙂

  8. That was supposed to read fast “car”, not “care”. Oops, “fat finger syndrome” gets me once again!

  9. Ris,

    No, i haven’t rented a Car to drive on the Autobahn yet…that will be this summer.

    And happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  10. HI anty thanks for calling me on my B-DAY. Love you!

  11. Maddy May, I hope you had a fabulous Birthday! I’ll try to call you on Sunday to hear all about it!

    Love you lots and miss you like crazy!

    Aunty Erin

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