RES Bounce

This page will give you a little insight into the atmosphere and creativity of the RES students.  The brainchild behind “RES Bounce” can be attributed to the creative work of Mr. Tomasz Miklis and his vision for fantastic van music to motivate us in the early mornings as we head to the classroom. Tomek

The RES Bounce Volume 1 debut was such as success that Tomasz didn’t waste any time in collecting music form everyone for volumes 2 and 3. This past Easter weekend we were graced with the two CD compilation of RES Bounce Volume 4. As the popularity of the music increased, so did Tomek’s artistic CD covers.

RES Bounce Vol. 1 RES Bounce Vol. 2 RES Bounce Vol. 3

RES Bounce Vol. 1 Bounce Vol. 2 Bounce Vol. 3

RES Bounce Vol. 4

Bounce Vol. 4 CD 1 Bounce Vol. 4 CD 2



  1. WOW I have an exclucive page on your blog :D. I’m gonna be famous!

  2. Your music selection is classic!

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