Posted by: Erin | April 21, 2008

What a backdrop!

I’ll say a quick story, then get to the subject of the blog. I was talking to some of my classmates about my blog and the comment from a RETscreen employee and it was brought to my attention that my blog is rather boring. While I admit that my life here in Iceland is not a boring as I portray it to be, I also don’t feel that it is necessary write about nor take pictures of University events and nights out in downtown Akureyri. Ok, that is that. And now we continue with the boring blog…

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Akureyri. Actually since last Monday, we have had sunny skies and nice cool spring days. After a whole day of studying (and that is the truth) I got to a point where I not only needed a break, but I wanted out of Iceland. I was just fed up with the constant exams, sleepless nights, and I missed my family and friends. So after talking with my mother about her weekend and her improving golf game (she shot a 44 last week) I decided that the best way to vent was to go outside and hit the crap out of some golf balls. Since I came here, I have been heckled by the fact that I brought golf clubs to a country called ICEland where the ground is always covered with snow. So this yesterday evening before the sun went down, I went to go work on my swing, get some fresh air, and take a break from studying. A few classmates had gone for a walk along the fjord and took some pictures of my playing on their way back. I will say this, although I am rusty and need to work on my swing… you can’t beat the backdrop!!!

Golfing in the Backyard

Golf Lessons



  1. you are right about the back drop, where is the rough?? where are the narrow fairways and the trees? keep your head down….
    can’t wait to play there in July…

    I don’t think your blog is boring, but then again I am your mother..I wonder how your sisters blogs would be if they had one… think about that..
    love you lots

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