Posted by: Erin | March 16, 2008

Skiing for the Cameras

We had two beautiful blue sky days in a row over the weekend and I had to take advantage of them before they disappeared for another few weeks.   

On Saturday I went with one of the RES drivers, Sebastian, for a quick road trip north  toward the ocean for a couple of nice pictures of the Fjord and water.  I was soaking up the sun!   North of Akureyri  Across the Fjord  Mountains

So since I live 5 miles from Iceland’s biggest ski resort, I decided Sunday would be a perfect day to see what Icelands’ slopes have to offer.  I went with a few of the RES students and we had fun exploring all three trails. RES Skiers and Boarders  The Slopes of Hlidarfjall  Here is a map the definitely embellishes the number of slopes. 

BUT there was one area (number 24 on the map) that was the best skiing I’ve ever done. Area 24 Maybe it was a delusion from the rare sunny day, but I felt like I was in heli ski video.  It was the softest, steepest, tree free powder run I’ve ever skied.  It reminded me of Whistler in terms of the terrain, but it was winter snow rather than the summer slush that I skied in Vancouver.  And of course, I had to stretch my limits.

Before I go into that story, I have to deviate a bit and tell you about the most important person I’ve met in Iceland thus far.  His name is Gundar and he works in downtown Akureyri next to the bookstore as a physical therapist.  I can rest easy now knowing that I’ve found the local physical therapist.  

So back to the skiing.  After I had met the most important person I need to know in Akureyri, I could relax and enjoy the skiing a little more.  And by enjoy skiing I mean I went just over the edge of being comfortable and in control… I hit a rock, crashed, lost both my skis but it was a nice soft landing and I nothing was injured.  I’ll tone it down from now on.  The best skiing in Iceland  The view from the ski slope

Oh, and I almost forgot the other exciting event.  The chairlift…I’ve never skied in Europe and maybe this is normal, but you when have to get on the chairlift, you don’t ski out in front of the chair.  Instead, you push out onto a huge conveyor belt that sends you out and you just stand there, conveying forward, waiting for the chair to swing around.  I tried to capture in on camera, but as usual, I didn’t capture the full uniqueness of Iceland.



  1. “I’ll tone it down from now on” seems to me like I have heard those words a couple of times before..and I doubt it is ever going to happen..glad you enjoyed the day and you have a “fixer upper” near by.
    you will be able to write a book comparing physical therapy procedures from all over the world..
    stay well and please try and keep your feet on the ground

  2. Just remember that your mommy cannot come and save you as quickly as you might like. HA HA Glad you got to ski in Iceland!!! You are doing a great job of documenting your time there!!!! Thank you!
    We love and miss you! Happy Easter!

  3. Bad Erin…you went over board? Never! I am glad to hear that you did not get hurt and I am very jealous about the best skiing ever. It sounds like you have definately landed on your feet and are creating great and lasting memories. I am proud of you.

    Happy belated Easter!


  4. Erin, Sorry I haven’t replied in a while. we were away and i have been sick for the las 31/2 weeks. the pictures are awesome. Glad you are having a great time. We saw Catherine this weekend. She ran 17 miles. Wish I could do that. Take care of your self. and keep in touch. I’m putting a camera on my computer and then we can to skyp! xoxo Auntie Pat and Uncle David

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