Posted by: Erin | March 9, 2008

This past week we started a new class and had a new professor from Portugal, Paulo Ferrao.  Great professor, great class!  

First of all, before I go one about the weekend, Saturday was officially “International Women’s Day”, so congratulations to all the women out there!   Although I never heard of this holiday, it is very popular in Poland, Slovenia, and other parts of Europe.  Unbeknownst to the girls, the boys had gone out and got us flowers which they handed out to all of us congratulating us on “our” day.  It was really cute. Women’s Day Then the one of the girls asked, “ I know there is father’s day, but when is guys day?”…the response was priceless…. “Every other day besides today is guy’s day”…typical.   

After a long week, there was trip planned to see several sites in the northeast area of Iceland. And so the journey begins The Open Road , two vans, two drivers The RES Bus Bandit Sebastian Speech  , 18 people Car Trip Crew  , lots of cameras, some great music from the RES Bounce CD compilations, and THE SUN!!!!   The Sun

First we went to Godafoss, Water fall of the Gods, where statues of pagan gods where thrown into the waterfall when Christianity was adopted as an Iceland faith.  I don’t know what was a better site, the sun or the waterfalls?! Godafoss   Godafoss   Blue Skies They were both great and it was perfect day for touring the country…or so we thought.  The weather here changes faster than New England.  We later drove through complete white out conditions.      

We passed through a small town (which entailed a café and gas station) that was having a motor cross race, so we stopped to check it out. Motor Cross They were done racing for the day, but said there was another huge snowmobile race a bit further north that we might want to check out.   

Next stop, Dimmuborgir, the most recent volcanic eruptions was about 200 years ago.  So these rock formations are the newest part of Iceland.   Dimmorborgir  Volanic Rocks   Having Fun

Next was a geothermal spot just north of a Geothermal power plant.  The water coming out of the ground was nothing I’ve ever seen before.  It looked like oil and smelled like rotten eggs, great combination. Geothermal Oil

We tried to go to Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe, but the road was closed because of the snow. Instead we stumbled upon the motor cross race that we were told about earlier in the day and decided to stay a bit. Snowmobile The race of the Year We “ran” into some problems with the silver van, namely snow and after several valiant attempts at pushing the car out, we resorted to the local Icelander and the big ass 4×4 vehicles.  RES van comes to halt

After a long day of sight seeing and a great road trip, we returned home to the RES dorm.    



  1. Hi babes, sounds like you had a great day, so glad you decided to make the trip and that you did not try and “throw yourself to the pagan gods”
    maybe the school should give you an suv to make these trips..
    stay well

  2. Hey, Geek!!!
    Fun in Iceland! Yea! After the hours you put in studying, it sounds like a nice relief. What beautiful sights!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hi erin I was very happy to see you looking so well and apparently enjoying yoour tenure in Iceland…It must be quite and experience mingling with other students from other parts fof the would great data for your memoirs later on in life..I wish you well.and love you very much..

  4. hey!!!
    i really want to be you!!! Continue to do what your doing; I am living through you vicariously. love,Lee

  5. Classic getting stuck in the snow like that!! happy to read about your latest adventure, looks like so much fun. dont work too hard, keep smiling!! xox

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