I started my MBA at the University of Denver (DU) in the Fall of 2006.  While I was there I became active in several student groups, the first being DUSES (DU Sustainable Energy Society) which later became a division of Net Impact.  It was through the contacts and relationships that I formed from hosting events through DUSES that I was giving this amazing opportunity.   





  1. Hey Erin, how is Iceland? I hope you are enjoying your stay… Just a thought on your term paper. The Bazill ETF ticker EWZ. I have owned it off and on. Is a compilation of Brazil largest companies and will give you an incite on just how much Energy is essential to their overall economy. For me it is actually an energy “play”” and a “BRIC” play at the same time. BRIC arer the globes fastest growing emerging markets ans are heavily weighted in energy and commodities. You likely know thius but I figured a look at the top 10 holdings will give you a nice starting point for the economics of Brazil.

    Good luck!!


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