Posted by: Erin | April 10, 2008

The Blogger That Wasn’t

So a new month has come and I haven’t written kept up with this blog at all. I apologize, but as my mother said, I’m not here to blog the world, I’m here to learn…and that is what I have been doing so far. Since I’ve been so busy with school, I have wanted to start a “What I learned Today” section to highlight a fact or two about my studies and the interesting things I am being introduced to here in Iceland.

The program is set up with classes taking place over one or two weeks. For each class we’ve had to complete a project. These projects include everything from writing research papers to creating PowerPoints, to analyzing software, all of which are presented every Friday , typically in a PowerPoint format.

I thought I give you a little flavor of the projects I’ve done thus far and why I haven’t had time to blog. In addition to the projects, we have exams every Monday which entail information form reading, lectures, and PowerPoints.



Project and Presentation

RES 601


Brazil Country Profile: Energy, Polices, & Climate Change


RES 602


RES 603


Life Cycle Assessment of a Wind Turbine using SimaPro Software


RETscreen Software Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study in Nova Scotia

RES 604


Third Generation Nuclear Fission Reactors: How Viable, How Safe, How Soon


Ground Heat Exchangers Comparison and Working Parameters for Heat Pump and Ground Storage



  1. Wow, that’s boring stuff! And I checked out some of your classmates’ blogs and even in another language they seem like they are having more fun than you!!! This is one program that you just want to pass – A’s don’t really matter because the grading system won’t transfer internationally anyway. So chill a bit, take some good pictures like your friend Lech Birek and start blogging in another language… maybe pig latin. It will sound so much more interesting!!!

    I LOVE YOU – and an only kidding a little bit!!!!
    miss you,

  2. Hey, Lech hasn’t blogged since March either…give me a break. And apparently my blog site wasn’t the best for posting pictures, but what is done is done so I’ll have to live with it 🙂

    love you,

  3. I LOVE YOU!

  4. I was hoping that you could teach me about Life Cycle Assessment of a Wind Turbine using the RETscreen Software and NOT SimaPro. Let me know when you learn that. Not a big fan of simapro……………HA totally cracking myself up!!!!

  5. Great to see that you’re using RETScreen in your course!
    Big Sis: Drop me a line if you want some help using RETScreen. The best thing to do when starting out, is to open the Project Database (see the link at the top of the Start sheet) and open a case study or template. Click on the help button while in the project database to find out what the project and assumptions were.
    Kevin from NRCan (RETScreen)

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