Posted by: Erin | March 4, 2008

Our consumption

Although this is sad if you are an American or English citizen, it is a great depiction of the world as viewed in terms of our consumption. We are the fatties!

World Cartogram



  1. So happy you are back!!! i know that you are working hard and eating very well. The program continues to impress me; what an experience. is there any skiing there? Oh well, golf can be played anywhere in any way. Love you,Lee

  2. …we rank right up there in weight, too (9th in the world for obesity). Let’s put our heads together and show how that correlates – we could write a book when you get home (as soon as I finish writing “110%: why more than enough can be too much” the book about your adrenalin rushing). LOVE YOU!!! -Tammy

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